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don't know how the new tax plan & Congress

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don't know how the new tax plan & Congress

Postby Prospector69 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:47 am

At first and second look by me, I like it and I'm sure that the public a large will like it also. Now for the big but, many in Congress won't for various public and under the table reasons. How will we pay for it? Cut this program or these others? Congressmen live by the power of Federal cash to support their pet projects/programs, social reforms and other wastes. As a whole, Congressmen forget who they are suppose to serve. The answer is simple, the Country and the Citizens of this Country. Not illegals aliens. Not DACA. DACA is not even a law. It was an Executive Action not based on the Constitution. By law, Congress has the power to decide who and how many of them may enter the country per year. Congress failed in their duty to over ride the POTUS and take action to Impeach for his unlawful action on DACA, and some say other of his actions/orders.
I suspect that Congress will pay lip service to the tax cuts but when they have time to think about their lose of power, many will vote against the plan if they have guts but more than likely they will table it so that they won't have to go on the record!
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